Traditional House Pedicad

Traditional House Pedicad


  • Old Town of Padang. This historical town of Padang with many old buildings and a colouful harbour with Dutch architecture is Padang’s main attraction. It’s located beside the Muaro River. Walk along the beautiful pedestrian at the river bank with a row of old Dutch buildings. On the river there is a historical harbour of Padang built by Dutch. Now the harbour and the river is full of colourful little boats. There’s also a beautiful bridge on the river, Sitti Nurbaya Bridge with colourful lights on night. Still in the old town, there’s an old Chinatown with many old shophouses. There’s a beautiful old Chinese temple, See Hien Kiong Temple and a beautiful old mosque, Muhammadan Mosque.
  • Adityawarman Museum. Jl. Diponegoro (Lapangan Tugu), +62 752 31523, 39587, Tu-Sa 08:00-16:00. A museum about culture and heritage of West Sumatra.
  • Grand Mosque of West Sumatra, a new modern large mosque that is built with Minangkabau architecture. The Mosque is located on Jalan Khatib Sulaiman, city centre of Padang.
  • The Great Mosque of Gantiang. Located in Gantiang, it’s the oldest mosque in Padang and one of the oldest in Indonesia.
  • Padang Beach. You can ride the bendi (a horse-drawn carriage) along the beach, and stop by the rows of shops to eat some rujak as you watch the waves. It is recommended that you get a glass of naga (dragon fruit) juice from one of the stalls that line the beach and drink it as you enjoy a leisurely stroll down the shore.

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